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Geezers Customer Notice

From the 24th March 2020 we will be closing our doors in line with government advice.

Please ring for appointments only

Geezers - Men's Hairdressers Lowestoft

In Lowestoft, there are plenty of places that’ll give you a haircut. But there’s only one place you will get a proper hairstyle.


Welcome to Geezers, The gents Hairdressers in Lowestoft and well, pretty much anywhere else. We’ve been in business since 1983 and we have got the hang of things!


Why do we say that? What gives us the confidence to say it?

How about having won 50 hairdressing competitions in 28 years!


What about being the only place in town and for miles where you can get the good old fashioned “wet shave” with the straight razor, “Godfather” style?


Not to mention a team that’s led by a British Champion and two trusty sidekicks who not only work in the shop but also for film, theatre and tv!


And let’s not forget a shop that's more stylish than most bars, with more plasma tvs than you can find in Currys, cool art, great coffee, better banter and the magazines you’d get earache for reading?


And parent’s don’t worry; we may be Geezers but the shop is friendly and we’re always careful and considerate of who is in the chair.