Andy a€?Zorbaa€? Kyriakoug

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Andy a€?Zorbaa€? Kyriakou

aka a€?The Guva€?nora€?

Andya€?s first toy was a pair of garden shears. And it all followed on from there. He cut his teeth in the business the hard way; he fell over on the barbershop floor. No, really, he started as an apprentice and rose through the ranks, cutting throats and then eventually learning to shave with that super cool straight razor thing he does.


He became something of a rising star in the industry, winning the British Championship at an early age a€“ check out the trophies in the shop; he didna€?t buy one of them! The Guva€?nor was then selected for the England team for 8 years before he got sick of Sven (ok, not football but he really was a star for the England Hairdressing team) and went on to Moscow and finished 4th in the WORLD Championships.Yep. Cop that. Fourth In The World


So, when Andy gets hold of your Barnet, you can rest easy and know youa€?re on a winner. Hea€?s also worked for Film, Theatre and TV as well as childrena€?s parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs.


Hea€?s never really grown up to prove it has just a€?investeda€? in some kick ass DJ Mixing gear having finished training to mix with serious London Djs in his spare time.

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Favorite Drink

Favorite Food

His Ride

Favorite Movie

Andrew dose not Favorite Food

Dirty Kebab


CCTV of drunk Aaron.

And anything with Clint Eastwood.