Aaron "Nando's" Cox

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Aaron “Nando’s” Cox

Meet Aaron. The team’s Smithy lookalike and the only man banned from Nando’s. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but let’s just say it involved eating a Rugby teams bodyweight in chicken.


Before crawling round the floor between the other tables muttering “mustn’t waste any.” All this before he had a drink!


Amazingly, “Coxy” has somehow turned out to be a cracking hairdresser. He won three Gold medals in his first competition in York and hasn’t looked back. In fact, he never uses the rear view mirror, which is why his car is often in the same state as Jason’s.


As if that wasn’t enough, Aaron is a way tasty footballer and

bit of a PS3 legend. I’d say play him on COD anything but it just becomes annoying as he’ll “pwn” your ass and yell NOOB at you down an overpriced Bluetooth headset.


If you had to pick Aaron a look-e-like, it would be that monster than Jabba the Hutt drops Luke Skywalker down to face in Return of the Jedi. It’s actually called a Rancor, googled it if you dont beleive us!.



Favorite Drink

Favorite Food

His Ride

Favorite Movie

Nandos Chicken Grease

All of it

Fast. Usually found on GT5

Phonecam footage of some girl making his tattoos wobble.