Aaron "Nando's" Cox

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Aaron a€?Nandoa€?sa€? Cox

Meet Aaron. The teama€?s Smithy lookalike and the only man banned from Nandoa€?s. He doesna€?t like to talk about it, but leta€?s just say it involved eating a Rugby teams bodyweight in chicken.


Before crawling round the floor between the other tables muttering a€?mustna€?t waste any.a€? All this before he had a drink!


Amazingly, a€?Coxya€? has somehow turned out to be a cracking hairdresser. He won three Gold medals in his first competition in York and hasna€?t looked back. In fact,Replica Watches he never uses the rear view mirror, which is why his car is often in the same state as Jasona€?s.


As if that wasna€?t enough, Aaron is a way tasty footballer and

bit of a PS3 legend. Ia€?d say play him on COD anything but it just becomes annoying as hea€?ll a€?pwna€? your ass and yell NOOB at you down an overpriced Bluetooth headset.


If you had to pick Aaron a look-e-like, it would be that monster than Jabba the Hutt drops Luke Skywalker down to face in Return of the Jedi. Ita€?s actually called a Rancor, googled it if you dont beleive us!.



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Favorite Drink

Favorite Food

His Ride

Favorite Movie

Nandos Chicken Grease

All of it

Fast. Usually found on GT5

Phonecam footage of some girl making his tattoos wobble.